Ms. Kashish Kangtani (Founder & CEO)

Kashish Kangtani Founder & CEO of the Melliferawings, She has profound of experience with social recruiting and bulk hiring understands what employers need, and how to attract candidates.

Kashish is always happy to share his knowledge with others, whether it’s via webinar, or face to face and she is hard worker. That’s what makes her so good at working with her employers to make their social recruiting the best it can be.

Mr. Anmol Pandya (BDE)

Anmol Pandya is an Business Development Executive and face of the Melliferawings, he carried many of the year's experience of Client Coordination and managing company, he is sincere and focused person, and having good knowledge of the market.

Anmol is motivation employee and makes good relationship with clients and employees.

Mr. Manthan Jain (TSE)

Manthan Jain working as Technical Support Executive of the Melliferawings, he has 2 years experience of IT Industry which is dynamic, he is Keen to work and maintaining of the bar of knowledge which is beneficial for melliferawings and solving lack of technical of issues moreover manthan jain is an honest and loyal employee for the company.